We support our ambassadors for the Great Commission.

At Christ Community, we take the Great Commission seriously.

We believe it’s important to take the Gospel next door, to the inner city, throughout the nation and around the world. Missionaries we help to support are establishing churches, translating the Bible, and flying missionaries into areas that roads won’t reach.

Our missionaries conduct radio ministries in Muslim countries, counsel women about alternatives to abortion, and minister to college students on campus. Some even work in ministries we can’t even mention on this site because it would invite persecution from the government in the countries where they minister.

We pray for these missionaries and support them financially – because at CCBC, we want to obey our Lord’s command to make disciples at home and throughout our world.

CCBC’s local-to-global outreach

Dale and Leanne Barkley

Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tucson, Arizona

Dale serves as executive secretary to the director of the Mexico Branch of SIL. Leanne works in the linguistics center library. Every year they travel to visit the Teita Mixtec people of southern Mexico, as they continue the New Testament translation project for their language.

Tom and Mary Beekman

JARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina

After years in missions aviation in Irian Jaya, Tom and Mary relocated to Waxhau, North Carolina, headquarters for Wycliffe’s Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JARS). Today Tom trains young pilots and is the JAARS Aviation Standards Coordinator.

Rod & Ellen Casali

Wycliffe Bible Translators in Alberta, Canada

After serving years in translation projects in Ghana, the Casalis relocated to Alberta, Canada, where Rod teaches linguistics and phonology at the Wycliffe training center, equipping missionaries to translate the Bible into tribal languages. They still help with some 250 translation projects in the Bantu language family in Ghana.

Tad and Michelle Cooper

InFaith. Newark, California

Formerly an elder at our church, Tad now does evangelism, discipleship and church planting among the Khmu, a Laotian people relocated to California.

Larry & Linda Jones

The Seed Company in Arlington, Texas (and around the world)

Larry is senior vice president of Bible translation with the Seed Company, an arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators. He oversees several translation projects around the world. Larry and Linda translated the New Testament for the Yawa, a primitive people-group of Indonesia.

Darin and Susan McFarland

CRU in Boston, Massachusetts

Darin is given to evangelism and discipleship among the many colleges of greater Boston. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. They formerly served in western Siberia and Yekaterinburg, Russia, for 11 years.

Jane Pappenhagen

Wycliffe Bible Translators in Dallas (and Thailand)

Jane serves as senior editor for corporate communications for Wycliffe Bible Translators. She also teaches English as a Second Language in Thailand.

Craig and Barbara Prather

Camino Global in Dallas

Craig oversees the Quest Ministry of encouragement to Hispanic pastors and missionaries in DFW. Craig was the first pastor of Christ Community Bible Church (then Grand Prairie Bible Church).

Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie

Since it opened in 1994, the PRC has provided a safe, confidential place for 23,000 women facing unplanned pregnancies. Women (and often the fathers of their children) find counseling, gospel witness, limited medical services, and education related to pregnancy, relationships and parenting.

Sergio and Miriam Ramirez

Camino Global in Spain

Sergio serves as pastor of two church plants – one in Santander and the other in Reinosa. He teaches at the Bible Institute of Bilbao and oversees summer youth camps.

Glenn and Judy Stewart

Camino Global in Guatemala

The Stewarts served 15 years with South American Mission in Bolivia, where Glen did aviation mechanics support. Today they serve a “Barnabas ministry” as Pastoral Care Coordinators for Camino Global families in Guatemala.

Michael and Lynette Wilson

Wycliffe Bible Translators in Australia

Michael serves in missions aviation, flying missionaries to remote locations of Australia. Lynette is given to the work of Bible translation and literacy among the Aboriginals.

Eric and Linda Darjean

Pastoral Intern, Paradox Church (Ft. Worth, TX)

Eric and Linda Darjean are planting a church in a part of Fort Worth called Stop Six, a historically black area of town. Fort Worth has remained a somewhat segregated city though boasting to be one of the fastest growing cities in the US. For a long time now Stop Six has lacked municipal services that maybe other community received and it remains a marginalized area with visible economic issues. The Darjeans believe God has called them to plant a Gospel-saturated church that shows love and grace to a hurting people who desperately need to know that God sees and cares. The Darjeans are working with the schools advocating community education and mentoring for those kids needing direction. They are seeking to grow trust and influence by serving weekly in the schools, community centers, and neighborhoods and preaching and teaching Jesus as the biggest need for the heart of man.
Kaynenn and Diana Parker will be serving alongside of the Darjean in this plant. Kaynenn and Diana are friends and have like-minded passions for inner city ministry. Kaynenn will serve as the lead pastor of Pillar church, allowing Eric to lead the church in engaging in the community they are surrounded by.