CCBC at 50
Five decades of faithfulness


By Sam Harris


God was working mightily in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

            Those old enough to remember it still tell stories of the Jesus movement, the revival that swept the nation during those years and led many—especially young people—to faith in Christ. Even five decades later, the movement was the subject of a popular film, Jesus Revolution, in 2023. While the movement died down in the ‘80s, many of the seeds it planted still live on today—certainly in the spiritual lives of countless individuals, but also in the form of churches across America.

            No doubt the Jesus movement launched hundreds, if not thousands, of different churches across the country. In some ways, Believers Bible Church (as one fellowship would come to be known) probably seemed unremarkable and no different from the rest. It was (and still is) a relatively small congregation in Texas—just outside of, but not quite in, a major metropolitan area. It didn’t evolve into a megachurch or spawn a nationwide denomination. But, to hear many members past and present tell it, this church offered something valuable that’s harder than it should be to come by in many modern American churches. Maybe there’s something to be said after all for just a few close-knit families worshiping and serving together, quietly but faithfully, Sunday after Sunday.

Laying the Foundation

The Birth of a Church

The First Members

The Church’s First Year